Ho3 Warhead v3.1b

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Ho3 Warhead v3.1b

Post by Kuinn on Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:49 pm

Version v3.1b

Okay, so today 15.06.2013 Ho3 got updated from version v2.8b to v3.1b. This version  it's almost the same like v2.8b but with many bugs fixed.

Fix & Changes & Removes

/matchmode got fixed (had some small bugs)
/mode got fixed (had some small bugs)
-Sync is changed and more better without advantages
-Added bar with FPS, Packet loss etc.
/anticbug command got fixed
-Added ESL, uL & TeK bases in /mode
-Administration System is more better than the old one from v2.8b
-Added /setspawn that makes level 5+ admins to change spawn
-CP got fixed
-All adds got removed
-Camera post got changed


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