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[DENIED]qk.AnasH3 application Empty [DENIED]qk.AnasH3 application

Post by qk.AnasH3 on Thu May 23, 2013 7:16 pm

IG Name:
Your Ho3 name will be:[HO3]Anas
Favourite weapons: Deagle , Pump , M4
Do you have Mumble and a working microphone?: No but i will download it
Are you invited by a Ho3 member\leader?: Yes
Why do you pick Ho3 over other clans?: Because i like it a lot have a great leader like kuinn and being able to own everyone with him !
Can you be active everyday?: i am active
If you'll be accepted as rookie, will you be able to listen leader to improve? sure
Do you think you have the necessary skills to improve? yep
Do you have any computer skills (Video editing, photoshop etc) or SA-MP Server skills (scripting, etc)?:
photoshop but not the best i had video editing skills but stopped editing videos long time ago ! No i am not scripter


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[DENIED]qk.AnasH3 application Empty Re: [DENIED]qk.AnasH3 application

Post by Kuinn on Thu May 23, 2013 7:57 pm

You qualified as a full member in qK. You got trained by me hard, and you passed what I wanted. Also, you're very great in team work and also got skills.

Accepted as full member.


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